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Revision Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery

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Revision Rhinoplasty/ Nose Job Plastic Surgery

Revision rhinoplasty refers to rhinoplasty procedures which are performed to repair problems of an aesthetic or functional nature resulting from a previous rhinoplasty procedure. Revision rhinoplasty may also be referred to as secondary rhinoplasty, when the surgery is performed for a second time, or tertiary rhinoplasty when performed for a third time. Revision procedures are generally considered to be more complex than primary procedures. Dr. Gentile takes great care when performing revision rhinoplasty to repair prior problems while also creating a nasal appearance that balances the facial features and creates facial harmony.

Candidates for Revision Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery

Many people choose to undergo revision rhinoplasty because they are unhappy with the appearance or function of their nose after another rhinoplasty surgery. As with primary rhinoplasty, potential candidates should be healthy and have a fully developed nasal bone. Younger patients may be able to undergo surgery around the age of fourteen or fifteen for girls and about sixteen or seventeen for boys.

Before the Plastic Surgery Procedure

Before your revision rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Gentile may ask that you cease taking certain medications. You may also need to undergo a physical examination and have blood and urine samples taken. For some patients, other tests may be required.

Before your procedure, you will need to fill any prescriptions that Dr. Gentile has prescribed, such as those for pain. You will also need to arrange to have someone drive you to and from your surgery and stay with you at home during the first twenty-four hours afterward.

The Revision Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty, including revision rhinoplasty, can be performed in one of two ways, either as an open procedure or a closed procedure. With an open procedure, Dr. Gentile makes an incision on the skin separating the nostrils, known as the columella. With a closed procedure, incisions are made on the inside of the nose only. Open procedures provide Dr. Gentile with a better view of the inside of the nose, allowing for greater modifications to be made. Because of this, they are generally recommended for more extensive procedures. The necessary alterations will depend on the particular case, but in general cartilage may be repositioned and/or missing structures may be replaced. Revision rhinoplasty typically takes two or more hours to complete and is often performed with general anesthesia or with local anesthesia and sedation.

Revision Rhinoplasty Recovery

The most common side effects associated with revision rhinoplasty include swelling, bruising, congestion, sensitivity of the facial skin, and pain. Bruising may be most apparent around the eyes and nose. Revision rhinoplasty procedures typically involve less bruising, swelling and pain than primary procedures. The majority of bruising will fade within about ten days while the swelling can take several months to dissipate. Splints and stitches are typically removed within one to two weeks. If nasal packing is used, it is typically removed within the first few days after surgery.

During the first two to three weeks after surgery, patients should sleep with the head raised above the heart to help minimize the amount of swelling. Patients should also avoid any heavy lifting, blowing or picking the nose, and risking trauma or sunburn to the nose.

The majority of patients are able to return to work and their normal routine within about one week after undergoing revision rhinoplasty. More strenuous activities will need to be postponed for at least two to three weeks. You may be able to apply a corrective concealer according to Dr. Gentile’s instructions to help disguise any bruising or discoloration.

Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery Results

Within the first few weeks after the revision rhinoplasty procedure, most patients are able to see significant visible results. However, due to swelling, the final results may not be apparent for a year or longer.

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