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Are your lips or face overfilled and you are unhappy with outcome of filler treatments?

Are your lips or face overfilled and you are unhappy with outcome of filler treatments? With an explosion of overzealous injectors with little formal training we are seeing many patients who are unhappy with the outcomes of their treatment. As a trained Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon with over 35 years of experience we utilize our Aesthetic Training to reverse many of these over done faces and lips with agents that can dissolve fillers. As a last resort surgical intervention can also restore more natural contours to a distorted face.

We recently evaluated a patient who was repeatedly injected with Bellafill an agent which has non absorbable plastic spheres and can be problematic to reduce with the other agents used to dissolve HA fillers. She had close to 18 syringes injected and now will need facial contouring surgery to reduce the appearance she describes as “alien”. In many aesthetic scenarios less is more so the repeated injection of a non-absorbable filler can lead to aesthetic mishaps that can only be undone with surgery.

Fortunately with our Ultrasonic techniques for subdermal facial contouring we will be able to soften her over injected facial contour. This combined with some excision of the product should return her facial appearance back to a softer more feminine appearance.

Patient presented for Lip Reduction after overinjection with HA filler

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