Dr. Richard Gentile a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon with offices in Youngstown, Akron and Cleveland Ohio is pleased to introduce an exciting new option for neck rejuvenation……The New NECKlift™ a minimally invasive non excisional neck lift for quick recovery and limited down time.

A person’s appearance is a reflection of who they are and how they feel. Your friends and family react to facial expressions, but as the double weight of passing years and stress wear on your appearance, you may give an impression of exhaustion or advanced age that you don’t necessarily feel. Frequently the aging process affects the neck which can look saggy and aged with a loss of skin elasticity or heavy bands and fat deposits. Now you can reduce the physical signs of neck aging, allowing you to once again outwardly express the person you feel on the inside. Traditionally, a long, risky, invasive procedure was required to achieve overall neck rejuvenation, but now with the revolutionary technology of The New NECKlift™ , patients can achieve a more youthful appearance, defined jawline, tighter skin, and reduced wrinkles in as little as 45 minutes! General Anesthesia is not required and the long incisions usually required for neck lifts have been eliminated.

The New NECKlift™ is useful in:

How The New NECKlift™ works:

The New NECKlift™ utilizes specialized laser and radiofrequency technology that will tighten skin, eliminate fat, and increase the production of collagen without damaging surrounding tissues. Internal temperature sensors and real time infrared photothermal imaging constantly monitors the temperature of your skin and tissues to ensure that the laser and radiofrequency is only providing corrective treatment and not over-heating your skin. Dr. Gentile pioneered many of these techniques beginning in 2007 and the New NECKlift™ incorporates the most advanced aesthetic technologies with minimally invasive surgical techniques developed at the center. The end result is beautifully enhanced neck without long incisions and extensive skin removal. Patient satisfaction is very high when completing the New NECKlift™ and recovery is fast with only minimal bruising and swelling which usually quickly subsides.

If you have tired of conseqeunces of aging in the neck and want to look as good as you feel call for information on the New NECKlift™ today.

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