Laser Neck Lift


The neck lift can be performed using a multitude of different techniques that essentially create the same aesthetic results . The laser version of this surgery eliminates the appearance of jowls and horizontal bands of skin on the neck. A laser neck lift surgery is performed to accomplish the same cosmetic goals as a traditional neck lift, which are the elimination of lines, wrinkles, fat, and the tightening of certain muscles.

The first portion of a laser neck lift surgery is completed with the FDA approved SmartLipo™ Laser. This reduces the double chin and also serves to tighten the skin. Additional procecures may also be performed in order to achieve the best results and this includes additional liposuction and or the tightening of the platysma muscle which often forms bands in the neck. Additonal heating of the skin can be accomplished with the SmartLipo™ Laser prior to the end of the procedure. Before the advent of the SmartLipo™ Laser many surgeons were hesitant to perform neck lifts without facelifts. This advanced technology has change the results possible with this approach. This laser neck lift is a version of Smartlifting pioneered by Dr. Gentile.

A laser neck lift best suits patients who have a prominent facial bone structure, but wish to tighten their skin. If all elasticity is lost from the neck, a laser surgery is not the best option.

The use of the laser not only improves underlying structures of the neck, but also benefits the outer layers of skin. The newly refined skin on the neck is taught and even in tone. A laser neck lift surgery patient is placed under local anesthesia and a may be administered sedatives as well.

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