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Laser Skin Rejuvenation


A person may elect to undergo laser skin Rejuvenation after they have healed from a facelift, or as a cosmetic procedure that is effective on its own. There are two common lasers that perform similar functions when placed against the skin; the CO2, or carbon dioxide laser and the erbium laser are employed to convert the outer layers of skin into vapors, revealing a fresh layer that becomes the skin’s new surface. These lasers are safe for use by a skin care specialist or plastic surgeon because they allow the skin to absorb only a minimal amount of heat.

The CO2 laser treats skin conditions that include wrinkles, birthmarks, skin cancer, warts, scars, and other external issues. Improved laser technology delivers either ultrapulsed or continuous beams to the skin. The beam removes the thin layers of skin found on the face, and does not permanently modify other features.

Potential patients have healthy skin that is fair in color. Oily skin or skin with more overall pigment is not best suited for this procedure for a number of reasons. Patients may require up to fourteen days to fully recover from this type of laser skin Rejuvenation.

The erbium laser has the ability to eliminate fine to moderate lines of the face, neck, hands, and chest. Deeper skin tones often react more positively to the erbium laser. Side effects are more rarely reported with the use of an erbium laser, and the recovery time is often about seven days.

Either version of laser Rejuvenation requires the technician to move the laser over the skin’s surface until a corrective level is reached. This will vary, depending on how slight or extensive the damage is. After treating the face, special ointments may be applied to the face, and you will possibly be directed to continue this treatment at home. Another post-treatment option is the placement of a bandage that remains until the skin is healed, which generally occurs between five and ten days.

Your skin care specialist will examine your epidermis at your consultation and may suggest either of the laser Rejuvenation procedures, or other techniques that better suit your skin type.




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