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Microneedling / Exceed


Introducing the First MicroNeedling Device FDA Approved for Wrinkle Reduction Amiea Med “Exceed”

Microneedling, also known as Percutaneous Collagen Induction (PCI), treatment preserves the epidermis, causing no damage to the basal membrane, while stimulating collagen deposition, thereby reducing the risk of post-treatment complications and patient recovery time. Today, PCI treatments can be performed in-office, and patients can resume normal activity the next day.

Microneedling with amiea med EXCEED is used as a method for minimally invasive PCI for the treatment of wrinkles. There are many benefits to PCI treatment that go far beyond improving overall skin tone and texture, including:

  • No ablation of the epidermis — no skin layers are removed, less chance of side effects, less pain and minimal healing time

  • Clinically proven efficiency

  • Safe to use on all skin types, low risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

  • Melanocytes are not destroyed

  • Scarless healing

    Experience firmer, younger-looking skin with microneedling—the latest technology that’s quick replacing dermal rollers and other anti-aging methods on the market. Proven to dramatically improve facial wrinkles, skin texture and laxity, it delivers the highest precision and most accurate skin perforation for excellent results after just 12 weeks (four treatment sessions that each last less than an hour)

    Choosing the right microneedling device is crucial when it comes to safety and efficacy. It’s important to talk to your skin care specialist to see what device they prefer. You may also want to ask about amiea med EXCEED, the first FDA-cleared microneedling device for wrinkle reduction.

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