Tattoo Removal


At one time, tattoos were considered a permanent mark on the body created to symbolize a temporary situation. People would receive this forever ink for a lover only to be scorned; for youth only to grow old; or for wilder days, only to eventually settle down. Because of cosmetic advancements in skin care and laser technologies, tattoos can now be thought of as fixture of the skin that does not have to last forever.

In order to receive laser tattoo removal treatments performed by Dr. Gentile, you must be a healthy man or woman with an understanding of this procedure as well as potential outcomes and risks. Laser tattoo removal treatments will be explained in detail during your scheduled consultation. 

Undergoing a Tattoo Removal Procedure

Prior to the laser treatment, patients with very large tattoos may elect to receive local anesthesia to numb areas, temporarily preventing discomfort and sensitivity. Most patients do not require anesthesia or sedation because the slight, snapping feeling caused by the laser does not often warrant medication. A laser treatment can last as little as five minutes or as long as thirty minutes, depending on the area inked.

Because some tattoo ink colors can be stubborn upon removal, and the pigment may be present at different dermal layers, numerous laser treatments are required. When a laser beam reaches the pigment, the ink absorbs the energy, shatters and is flushed from the body by the patient’s immune system. The treatments are performed every six or eight weeks until the ink has significantly faded or disappears from the skin altogether.


Most patients report minor swelling of treated areas following a laser tattoo removal procedure, and a light discoloration of the skin that fades within an hour. Scabbing may occur, which promotes healing of the skin beneath it. One week to ten days after a laser tattoo removal procedure, the skin should look healthy once again. Complications of a tattoo removal procedure are rare, as it is non-invasive and does not require sedation.

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