Nano Fat Grafting


Medically referred to as an autologous fat transplantation or micro-lipoinjection, fat grafting is a cosmetic facial procedure that enhances the plumpness and volume of the face by us-ing fat from donor sites. This is a great alternative to dermal fillers and injections of foreign substances, which can often cause a patient to have allergic reactions. Fat injections are done with purified fat from your own body, so there is no risk of an allergy. This procedure can be used to fill out nasolabial folds, smooth out wrinkles and increase the roundness of your skin. Wrinkles and creases often develop because of age or sun exposure. Macro fat refers to the larger fat particles that are injected with large volume fat transfer (such as buttocks and breast) this type of fat is typically not blended down. Micro fat is smaller fat particles that are usually injected into the face (this is to prevent lumps and bumps follow-ing the procedure). Nano fat refers to fat that has essentially been turned into liquid. This type of fat is not used to provide volume but rather to improve skin texture and tone. In our practice we use this type of fat to help smoothest the lip lines, the crow’s feet and the tear trough. Nano fat transfers can improve the elasticity of your skin and make you appear more youthful.

You can address two problems at once if you are already thinking about getting liposuction in a certain area of your body. This outpatient procedure can be performed under a local anesthetic and utilizes a small cannula attached to a syringe to harvest the fat from other areas of your body, such as your midsection or thighs. Once the fat is suctioned from the donor site, it goes through a filtration process to remove any impurities. Once it is filtered, it is reintroduced into the target areas and is injected just underneath the skin. The process is repeated as necessary until Dr. Gentile achieves the desired results.

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