Neck and Facial Tightening


There are many reasons why a person may opt to surgically improve the look of their neck. The skin can sag and wrinkle with age, much like the skin of the face, yet to a further extent. Considerable weight loss may also contribute to the loose skin referred to as a “turkey waddle” or “turkey neck” that affects the definition of the jawline, causing the look of a weak chin. A neck lift can smooth the skin free of wrinkles, eliminate excess fat and skin, while creating a more defined chin and jawline.

The neck can mature before the face, so even if a person’s face is youthful and wrinkle free, they may begin to develop the first signs of aging on the skin of the neck. Often times, patients who receive a facelift neglect to undergo a procedure for the neck. Because the two areas of skin are adjacent, it can be obvious that a person has undergone a facial cosmetic procedure. The taught, young skin must translate all the way down the neck for a uniform, natural result.

Neck Lift Consultation and Surgical Candidacy

When you first visit Dr. Gentile’s office, you will be given paperwork to fill out. This serves as an assessment of your current physical and mental health, as well the history of you and your family’s health to ensure you are fit for treatment. After examining your neck, skin and taking personal notes, he may make suggestions for your treatment plan. You will have input during every step of the neck lift surgical process.

You will likely need to visit your family doctor or a medical testing facility to give blood and urine samples before you begin treatment. Dr. Gentile must view the results of your fluid samples to ensure you are currently healthy. Other tests may be necessary, such as a physical exam, EKG, or more extensive blood testing.

You will probably be scheduled to visit with Dr. Gentile at least one more time before undergoing your endoscopic neck lift procedure. The meetings serve as an opportune time for you to express your concerns, ask questions, or add on additional procedures. Often times, patients receive a neck lift combine with a facelift, jowl lift, or chin augmentation. You will learn about the anesthesia required for this procedure, as well as additional medication you will be prescribed. You may also be given an estimated cost for your procedure, as well as some in-house financing options, if necessary for your budget.

The Endoscopic Neck Lift Procedure

Plastic surgery is personalized for each individual undergoing the procedure, due to varying physical conditions, such as gender and anatomy. For this reason, the endoscopic neck lift may include one, or a combination of three parts: a cervicoplasty, platysmaplasty, and liposuction. A cervicoplasty portion of a neck lift procedure is dedicated solely to rid the neck of extra skin, while a platysmaplasty tightens the muscles of the neck to elimnate lines that form in the skin. Liposuction removes fat from the area.

Most patients receive a neck lift surgery on an outpatient basis in a surgeon’s office, hospital, or surgical center. Your surgery can take anywhere from one hour to several hours, depending on the techniques used and additional surgeries performed. Dr. Gentile opts to perform neck lift surgeries endoscopically. Rather than creating multiple incisons and exposing a great deal of underlying tissue, a small instrument allows Dr. Gentile to view the structures of the neck. This enables a less invasive surgical alteration, which results in a shorter healing period and less swelling and bruising.

Neck Lift Recovery

Healing from an endoscopic surgery is often less critical than the recovery that follows tradition plastic surgery techniques. You will need to schedule five to ten days to relax and heal after your neck lift surgery. You will be advised not to drive or return to work until you feel well enough, and are no longer taking narcotics. Patients report a minimal to moderate amount of pain following the endoscopic neck lift surgery.Bruising and swelling will be noticeable for a varying amount of time, but you can use make up or clothing to conceal the side effects of the surgery.

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