The Gentile Facial Plastic and Aesthetic Laser Center is pleased to provide clients with the Laser Body Sculpting System SmartLipo in Ohio. Conventional liposuction is a very invasive process. SmartLipo removes a lot of that invasiveness with laser lipolysis that destroys fat cells and tightens skin through coagulation. It provides an optimal solution for a client that wants to treat localized facial and body fat deposits.

The great part about this pioneering laser lipolysis system is it provides Dr. Gentile and other professionals the ability to treat challenging areas with greater ease. Parts of the body featuring flaccidity and high vascularity are more difficult to treat through conventional processes.

Ohio SmartLipo FAQ


What is SmartLipo?

Lasers play a major role in many medical operations. A laser provides fine-tuning of frequency with a very precise point of contact making it ideal for several delicate operations. SmartLipo is the first incarnation of a laser system for disrupting fat cells, treating fat tissue irregularities, and providing a tightening effect on skin for laser body sculpting.

SmartLipo treatment is appropriate for treatment of fat deposits such as male breasts (gynecomastia), face, arms, neck, and loose skin.


How does SmartLipo work?

The procedure utilizes a laser to provide thermal and photodisruptive focus to the fat cells. The result is a shattered fat cell membrane in addition to thermal coagulation of the surrounding tissue. The thermal effects provide a number of different benefits including less down time, bruising, trauma, and bleeding. It allows the client to get back to their regular schedule sooner than conventional liposuction technique.


How does Dr. Gentile perform the SmartLipo procedures?

Local and tumescent anesthesia are common for the client undergoing the procedure. The doctor inserts a laser fiber with the use of a detachable cannula and hand piece. Positioning of the laser fiber leaves approximately 2mm of clearance past the cannula. This tip is inserted into fat pockets via a 1 or 2 mm incision on the skin. The laser’s aiming beam is visualized through the skin allowing the doctor to treat the area in a side-to-side fashion much like creating a fanning effect. The laser fiber tip will rupture the fat cells it comes in contact with and release the oils. The doctor will then remove the fluid through the incision.

Why use SmartLipo in Ohio?

The benefits of SmartLipo over traditional liposuction are great. It is a less invasive procedure which reduces the overall impact on the body and healing. Heat from the laser treatment reduces bruising, edema, and bleeding while promoting a tightening of surrounding tissue.


What are the technical specs of the SmartLipo equipment?

SmartLipo utilizes a Nd:YAG solid-state laser with a rep rate of 40 hz with accompanying peak power. The energy itself is transmitted through a 300 micron fiber fed through the handpiece and cannula.


Is SmartLipo approved by the FDA?

Absolutely. The professionals at the Gentile Facial Plastic and Aesthetic Laser Center are here to provide valuable, ethical service to each client. Procedures and equipment used meet all required standards for safety and execution.


What professionals can use SmartLipo?

At the time of writing, physicians with previous experience may purchase the SmartLipo system. Prior experience allows the physician to build on the body of knowledge they have already established. Any physician intent on using the SmartLipo system should be trained to the standards of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Gentile first opened his center back in 1987, providing many years of experience in cosmetic surgery.


Is the SmartLipo system superficial or will it create lasting results?

It creates lasting results. The laser that ruptures the fat cell membrane actually causes the complete destruction of the cell. Adult bodies do not produce new fat cells. The ones that are already there simply expand and contract. Thus if weight is regained, it will be in areas that were not treated with the SmartLipo laser


What kind of person can benefit from SmartLipo laserlipolysis?

The appropriate candidate will be in good health and relatively near their ideal body weight. The person needs to have a realistic understanding of what the procedure can and cannot do for them. The SmartLipo system is best used to combat problem fat deposits that will not come off with appropriate dieting and exercise.


How many treatments are required?

For most patients, typically only one treatment is required. The session may last from 45 minutes to one hour for each area treated. Laserlipolysis is also an ideal choice for “touch ups” and revisions.


How many treatments with Dr. Gentile will the patient require?

The client will typically only require one treatment. The session itself may run up to an hour for each area addressed with the SmartLipo system. It can also be effectively used for touching up or altering older work.


Is SmartLipo better than Vaser?

The SmartLipo approach is a small, concise solid-state laser that directs energy where it needs to be. An aiming beam allows the physician to visualize the treatment area to apply the laser appropriately.

Vaser is a much less refined approach. It is an ultrasonic device emitting energy through the whole probe rather than just a small tip. The energy is more difficult to control and has resulted in burns around the treatment area. In addition, the probe is much larger so a larger incision needs to be made in the skin for insertion.


Does SmartLipo stand up against ultrasound systems like Ultrashape and Liposonix?

An ultrasound system is noninvasive, however it does not differentiate between the type of structure it is affecting within the body. Great care must be used when employing an ultrasound method to ensure only target areas are affected. A scanner with the equipment will remember where the system has already treated to assist the physician. Ultimately, the systems do not share many similarities and provide a different overall approach to lipolysis.


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