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Tattoos don’t have to be forever anymore — not with the cutting-edge picosecond laser technology at Gentile Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Laser Center. In just a few visits — shorter and less painful than ever before — you can watch that regrettable tattoo fade into memory. If you are in the Youngstown, Ohio, or Akron, Ohio, area and want to learn more about tattoo removal, call Dr. Gentile's office or set up an appointment online.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

Aren’t tattoos permanent?

People change, tattoos don’t. Until recently, this was a fact of life, and the unavoidable consequence of getting a tattoo. But with today’s laser tattoo removal technology, you no longer need to be stuck with a decision you made years ago.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

First, depending on the size and location of your tattoo, you may receive a local anesthetic. Each pulse of the laser causes a brief snapping sensation, which is usually mild enough to endure without any medication, but some patients with especially large tattoos or tattoos on sensitive body parts may be more comfortable with a sedative or pain reliever.

A session of laser tattoo removal is pretty short, usually anywhere from five to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the tattoo. Some colors are more responsive to the technique and will fade faster than others, but over time the treatments will cause the image to fade and eventually disappear. This almost always occurs over several visits, usually about six to eight weeks apart, until the tattoo has faded from view.

After laser treatment, the area around the tattoo will probably be slightly red or sore, though this usually passes within a day or two. The tattoo may scab over; don’t worry, this is normal and allows the skin beneath to heal.

What can you offer in tattoo removal?

You deserve the fastest, most painless, most modern technology from your doctor, and that’s what Gentile Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Laser Center offers to everyone who walks in the door. In that spirit, Dr. Gentile is proud to offer his patients the picosecond laser, the cutting edge in tattoo removal that is sometimes called the “Ferrari of lasers.”

While many practices only offer the nanosecond or Q-switch laser that has been a staple of tattoo removal since its invention, the newer picosecond laser is capable of faster pulses of light that create less heat, making them safer and more effective to use. Studies have shown this laser can remove a tattoo in just half the visits required for a traditional laser, or even less depending on the colors contained in the tattoo.

Fewer treatments means less discomfort and a lower cost to you, all while getting a better quality of care.

If you are interested in removing a tattoo, call the office or set up an appointment online.

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