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Vascular Birthmark Treatment


Problematic and unsightly vascular birthmarks can vary bewilderingly in shape and color, making proper evaluation essential. Dr. Gentile, a qualified professional trained in identifying birthmarks, will discuss your treatment options and determine the procedure that best fulfils your personal needs.



Candidates considering laser resurfacing must possess good health, with realistic goals and expectations. Your initial in-depth consultation will clarify the risks, outcomes and recovery times involved in your laser skin treatment.


Laser Skin Resurfacing

A laser is a device producing either a continuous beam or intensely pulsing wavelength of light. This energy is manipulated by the doctor to address selected areas of skin. The treatment involves destroying targeted vascular malformations through selective absorption, allowing for minimal discomfort. Laser treatment remains among the most common cosmetic applications, and is the treatment of choice for vascular birthmarks. Before the advent of lasers lesions were treated by radiation, excision, cryosurgery or camouflaging cosmetics usually producing poor aesthetic outcomes. Now, laser technology is the accepted method of ridding the skin of pigmented blemishes and stimulating new cell growth.


The Procedure

It is important to state that not all vascular birthmarks are suitable for treatment, multiple treatments may be necessary, and improvement may not always be complete. With that said, lasers perform unparallel precision for targeting specificity of depth and areas requiring treatment. An important additional aspect is stimulating the production of collagen-the fibrous matrix that binds skin cells-resulting in a blemishfree, more youthful appearance. Only a superbly trained physician thoroughly understanding the ramifications of lasering performs these types of procedures, and at Gentile Athesthic Facial Center we are confident of improving both your appearance and your self-confidence.


Post-Procedural Recovery

Depending upon the type of laser utilized in resurfacing, many patients can return almost immediately to normal activities. Other lasering procedures may take several days for recovery, with patients undergoing extensive or multiple treatments beginning to wear makeup again in about a week.

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