Forehead Lifts


When we express our face to convey emotions, the forehead and eyebrows are often involved. This factor along with sun damage or general aging can actually force the look of emotion upon you; however a tired, sad, or angry look may not properly communicare how you actually feel. A brow lift, also commonly referred to as a forehead lift, rejuvenates the upper portion of the face, and allows patients to look as young as they feel. 

Brow lift Plastic Surgery Patients

The brow lift is a minor surgical procedure that can be performed on people aged forty to sixty-five for maturity related causes, or younger if patients have a non-age related sagging of the skin. Some people have a naturally deeper eye socket, small eyelids, or a lowered brow, and wish to expose more of their eyes with the effects of this facial cosmetic procedure. Candidates for a brow lift procedure must be physically healthy and mentally sound in order to be considered by Dr. Gentile. A potential patient must also understand the extent of change Dr. Gentile can create with a brow lift, which will be based primarily on anatomy.

Plastic Surgery Consultation

During your first visit, you will learn everything you need to know about the brow lift surgery. Dr. Gentile will explain how your procedure will be performed (as it differs among patients), go over associated risks and benefits, inform you where the surgery will take place, and provide you with an overall cost for the procedure. As the patient, you have the opportunity to ask questions, express concerns, and specifically adress your physical flaws. Dr.Gentile will examine your skin, and the extent of damage it has incurred. 

Forehead Lift/ Brow Lift Plastic Surgery

There are variations in the methods used to perform a forehead lift surgery. Men and women age differently, and often benefit from techniques that are performed based on their sex. The forehead, eyebrows, and skin of these areas are altered during a brow lift procedure. A portion of muscle may be removed to prevent vertical lines from forming between the eyebrows.

The the incision for a brow lift may be created in one of four locations: above the eyebrow, the middle of the forehead, at or behind the hair line. Dr. Gentile will discuss with you the surgical technique he feels best suit your needs at your initial consultation.

The forehead lift surgery can also be performed using an endoscope. Small incisions are hidden behind the hairline, and a surgical video camera is inserted underneath the skin. Rather than separating the skin from the forehead, and peeling it forward to expose the brow’s structure, the camera is able to view multiple tissues. A brow lift performed ensoscopically is less invasive, but does take longer to perform.

A brow lift surgery generally takes one to two hours to complete, and requires intravenous sedation or what is called a “twilight anesthesia”.

Forehead lift patients can usually return home the day of their surgery. Bruising and swelling may continue to form post-surgically for ten days, and spread as far as the cheeks. The head should remain elevated during the days and nights of your recovery which will prevent further swelling of the face. Cold gel packs or ice can also reduce the inflammation of tissues.

It is normal to experience numbness of the surgical sites following your forehead lift because incisions can cause temporary nerve damage. As the nerves repair, tingling and itching of the scapl and forehead may occur. Patients are advised not to tamper with this area as it may affect the healing process; you may be prescribed an ointent to cease the existence your symptoms.

Dr. Gentile or one of his staff members will remove your bandages one to three days after the surgery, and the stitches ten days after the procedure. Recovering from this surgery does not generally surpass two weeks time, however if you do not follow given instructions your healing time will be extended. You will be advised by Dr. Gentile when you can return to work and perform every day functions, or do anything strenuous.

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