The FDA has approved a safe and effective option to get rid of submental fullness, often referred to as a “double chin”: Kybella®. Beverly Hills’ Dr. Derek Jones was the lead investigator on the Kybella® clinical studies that led to the approval.

According to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, 7 out of 10 people — women and men alike — are frustrated by submental fullness: the presence of subcutaneous fat that can detract from an otherwise pleasing appearance. One of the most persistent and visible signs of such fat is along the neck beneath the chin, often leading patients to seek double chin treatment.

Though the chin and neck are frequently overlooked by patients hoping to improve their appearance, these features function as an important frame for the face, and a change there can dramatically improve the way you look. The presence of submental fat, whether due to genetics, diet, aging, or some combination of the three, can add the impression of both years and pounds to a person’s face.

Dr. Richard Gentile of Gentile Facial Plastic & Aesthetic Laser Center, is offering Kybella®, the FDA-approved treatment that will help revolutionize double chin treatment for patients. Dr. Gentile, an internationally recognized board certifiedfacial Plastic Surgeon can go over if this treatment is right for you. With 2 locations to better serve your needs, The Cleveland/Akron/Canton-location, or The Youngstown-Warren location (330)758-2001, or you can visit our website at where you will see the many procedures Dr. Gentile offers.

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