Laser Smartlifting Facelift


The New Facelift: Smartlifting™

Smartlifting is a new procedure in facial rejuvenation – a more gentle technique than traditional facelifts, there are fewer side effects and a quicker recovery. And because the surgery typically takes just over an hour and can be done with local anesthesia or mild sedation. Costs can be much less than conventional face lift procedures.

Is Smartlifting facelift procedure Right for You?

Below, you can see a sample of what’s possible with the revolutionary new Smartlifting procedure.

Smartlifting has a unique ability to add volume to the cheek area and the “submalar” region below the cheeks. These enhancements return the face to the “heart shaped’ face of youth and eliminate the elongation of the face that occurs during facial aging.

Many patients dislike the “turkey neck” they acquire with facial aging. Smartlifting directly addresses this with a minimal access incision that permit the neck muscle or platysma to be elevated directly up and not sideways as in other facelifts. The vertical vector facelifts give a more youthful contour to the jawline and neck.


How long the procedure takes

Smartlifting the face involves two primary procedures: the LaserSmartLift and the UltraMiniLift. These procedures typically take from 30 to 90 minutes, and may take longer, depending on the addition of other procedures. Smartlifting of the neck or forehead can take between 30 and 45 minutes.


What to Expect from SMARTlifting

The most common problems treated are hanging jowls and sagging necks (turkey neck) but Smartlifting can also help with the folds along side the nose (the nasal labial folds) and severe banding in the neck or fatty tissue under the chin (double chin). Sagging eyebrows can also be helped with Smartlifting.

The results are long lasting, beneficial for five to 10 years.


Additional facial enhancements

In some patients the benefits of fat grafting or wrinkle fillers can be recommended especially if they have sunken depressions under their eyes. Botox injections may also be recommended to soften crows’ feet.


SMARTlifting Recovery Time

Patients vary in their recovery. Some patients return to work after three to four days, although it is typically recommended for a relaxed recovery for up to a week. If this patient has other procedures done concurrently, the recovery may take longer.


Smartlifting™ Facelift

Smartlifting is a proprietary procedure developed by Dr. Gentile in 2007. It utilizes the FDA approved Smartlipo™ Laser to elevate and separate the skin from the deeper tissues of the face.  This unique laser assisted facelift reduces operating time and makes it easier for the surgeon to lift the second layer or SMAS layer of the face.

Smartlifting has been widely featured and favorably reviewed in Network News, Women’s Magazines, National and International Plastic Surgery Meetings, and Internet Blogs


Fractional Laser Skin Rejuvenation

The fractional resurfacing wave was started by Fraxel™ an innovative laser that leaves portions of the facial skin  untouched.  This lead to faster healing and less down time.  The newest fractionated lasers utilize the CO2 laser which is the gold standard for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction.


News and testimonials on Smartlifting

Smartlifting reviewed by Aesthetic Surgery and Medicine publication.


December 6, 2008
Dr. Gentile & Cynosure hosted an advanced technology workshop on Smartlifting at the Four Season’s Hotel in Mid-Town Manhattan.  The advanced topics workshop reviewed advances in laser lipolysis as well as Smartlifting.  The workshop was attended by over 30 Plastic Surgeons from Manhattan and the surrounding Tri State region as well as Boston Massachucetts.  The interest level is high to learn about the laser assisted facelift.

November 28, 2008
Smartlifting the worlds first laser assisted facelift was profiled in Plastic Surgery Practice-Innovations in Aesthetic Medicine in the Novermber 2008 Issue. A review of the frist 150 cases utilizing a laser for flap elevation was reviewed.

November 22, 2008
Los Angeles California
Dr. Gentile was the workshop director for Surgeons in Southern California intereseted in Laser Assisted Lipolysis and Smartlifting Facial Rejuvenation.  The symposium was held in Santa Monica, California and included lectures on SmartLipo and Smartlifting Facial Rejvuenation.

November 3, 2008
American Society of Plastic Surgery
Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Gentile, Dr. Barry DeBernardo, and Dr. Alberto Goldman presented the latest information on Laser Assisted Lipolysis with Dr. Gentile reporting his experience and success with Smartlifting Facial Rejuvenation in over 130 procedures.  The lectures were given during “Plastic Surgery 2008” the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgery.

November 1, 2008
Canadian Academy of Facial Plastic 

Dr. Gentile presented a lecture on “SmartLifting Facial Rejuvenation” to the Canadian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery at the Academy’s Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada.


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