Lower Face Lift


A lower facelift is performed when the lower third section of the face – the lips to the upper neck- lacks contour and definition. This surgery is most often performed endoscopically through minor incisions that are much less visible than those of traditional face lifting surgeries.

The Lower Facelift Plastic Surgery Procedure

During a lower facelift plastic surgery, small cameras guide Dr. Gentile through the entire procedure. First, a facial liposuction technique eliminates fatty deposits found in the face, jowls, and within folds of the neck. Muscles are then repositioned to support a tighter underlying structure, and overabundant skin will be surgically trimmed from the face and neck as the procedure comes to an end. The overall result of a lower facelift begins with the mouth, where deep wrinkles are targeted when the corners of the mouth are elevated. The jawline will appear tighter as the hanging skin and excess fat that creates jowls is eliminated. The neck can also be addressed to create a slimmer silhouette and a more defined chin.

A lower facelift may be performed as a sole facial cosmetic surgery, or in conjunction with different cosmetic procedures. Often times, a brow lift, neck lift, or treatments of the face such as laser skin rejuvenation or injectable fillers create an all-around refreshed look. The lower facelift makes up just one portion of a full facelift, which also includes a brow lift (also referred to as a forehead lift) and mid facelift.

Candidates for a Lower Facelift Plastic Surgery

A lower facelift is most often performed on patients who show signs of aging primarily in the areas below the mid face, or have previously undergone a facial cosmetic procedure. Sometimes, patients of a younger age wish to contour their lower face, opting to receive this procedure. A good candidate to receive a lower facelift is a man or woman wishing to aesthetically improve the area from their lips to their upper neck. The skin should be somewhat elastic. Potential patients should be in good health – bothy physically and mentally – understand the extent of change Dr. Gentile is able to create.

Dr. Gentile can provide lower facelift patients with information regarding their recovery, because each procedure will consist of different segments to create specific results in each case. Complications rarely arise as the result of a lower facelift procedure, but may occur. These side effects include bruising, swelling, infection, or nerve and skin damage. Because most lower facelifts are performed endoscopically, the incisions are fewer and smaller which greatly reduce the occurrence and severity of potential procedural issues.

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