Minimally Invasive Procedures


The advantages of minimally invasive procedures are that they have no down time, or a limited recovery time. Today’s active lifestyles may not accommodate excessive time off for recovery. Minimally invasive procedures allow many patients to get the improvement they want without significant interruptions in their daily routines.

This means that most of these procedures can be performed on your lunch break, or on a Friday and easily return to work on Monday.

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Acne Skin Care

Photodynamic Acne Treatment (PDT) is a process by which a photosensitizing agent (Levulan) is applied to your skin. A Photosensitizing agent is a special solution applied to the skin that is activated by a specific wavelength of light, which “turns it on.” Levulan has been used extensively for the treatment of a variety of different skin conditions.


Botox and Neurotoxins

Although Botox began as a medical treatment for optic muscle disorders, decades later it has quickly spiraled into the most sought after cosmetic procedure available. Simple injections introduce the substance to underlying muslce, causing a paralysis of movement that occurs when a nerve signal is not delivered to the intended muscle. When the muslces of the face do not move, wrinkles are unable to form. Botox treats a variety of physical issues including eye spasms, eye coordination, perspiration of the underarms, and most popularly lines and wrinkles throughout the face. The full results of the injections are apparent after one week, and remain for at least three months.


Dermal Fillers / Volumizers

Collagen is a natural protein connective tissue within our skin, occurring most often with elastin. In youth, collagen is abundant and provides a smooth appearance, but as we age this building-block of skin deteriorates. With the loss of collagen in our epidermal structure, the skin begins to sag, creating depressions and other undesirable facial features. One of the more noticeably depleted features are the lips, which lose their curvy shape and lay flat against the skin. Over time the lips deflate, and lines and wrinkles envelop the mouth. Replenishing with collagen can restore youth and beauty to the face by plumping up these diminished areas.


Fractional Skin Laser Treatments

“Fractional” laser technology simply means that only specific areas of skin are targeted by the laser during treatment. Dr. Gentile now offers superior UltraPulse Lumenis “fractional” CO2 laser technology. You can expect dramatic immediate effects on tone, texture and wrinkles, and noticeable long-term improvement from new collagen growth.



Sagging skin is one of the major contributors to an aged and tired experience. Silhouette Instalift is a simple in-office procedure to re-contour your face by lifting the deeper layers of your skin for a more youthful appearance.


IPL® PhotorejuvenationIntense Pulsed Light Photorejuventatin is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that treats subjacent skin damage by repairing its structural components without damaging external layers. This new technology differs from other cosmetic procedures, including laser skin resurfacaing, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion which repair the skin through controlled damage to its outer layers. The science behind IPL® Photrejuvenation has allowed the production of an anti-aging treatment that restores youth to the superficial layer of the epidermis, while emitting thermal energy to treat underlying structures.



The FDA has approved a safe and effective option to get rid of submental fullness, often referred to as a “double chin”: Kybella®. Beverly Hills’ Dr. Derek Jones was the lead investigator on the Kybella® clinical studies that led to the approval.


Laser Skin Rejuvenation

A person may elect to undergo laser skin Rejuvenation after they have healed from a facelift, or as a cosmetic procedure that is effective on its own. There are two common lasers that perform similar functions when placed against the skin; the CO2, or carbon dioxide laser and the erbium laser are employed to convert the outer layers of skin into vapors, revealing a fresh layer that becomes the skin’s new surface. These lasers are safe for use by a skin care specialist or plastic surgeon because they allow the skin to absorb only a minimal amount of heat.


Microstructural Fat Grafting

During certain facial cosmetic procedures, fat transfer injections can further benefit maturing skin by plumping areas with this naturally derived tissue. As we age, fat tends to waste away from some parts of the body, yet accumulates in other areas. Fat transfer syringes remove the soft tissue from fatty areas of one’s own body – generally the stomach, thighs, and buttocks – and replace it in locations lacking natural fat.


Photodynamic Skin Cancer Treatments

The most prevalent form of cancer in the United States is skin cancer, with over half a million new cases diagnosed every year. Skin cancer can appear anywhere on the body, but the majority of cancerous formations are found on the head, face, and neck. Ultraviolet radiation, which is emitted from the sun and artificial sources of sunlight such as sun lamps and tanning beds, is the leading cause of skin cancer. The rising number of reported occurrences of skin cancer may be due to vanity tanning, the diminishing ozone layer, and outdoor social activities and functions.


Spider Vein Treatments

Spider veins, also medically termed sunburst varicosities and telangiectasias, are purple, blue, or red veins that appear below the skin’s surface more visibly than other veins. These unsightly veins often branch out from a medial location which is how their name was derived. Spider veins can also be present as single or multiple lines in different formations under the skin. Spider veins may appear anywhere on the body, but are most often occur on the feet, ankles, legs, and face.


Tattoo Removal

At one time, tattoos were considered a permanent mark on the body created to symbolize a temporary situation. People would receive this forever ink for a lover only to be scorned; for youth only to grow old; or for wilder days, only to eventually settle down. Because of cosmetic advancements in skin care and laser technologies, tattoos can now be thought of as fixture of the skin that does not have to last forever.



If you are interested in receiving cosmetic changes to your skin but do not wish to undergo a plastic surgery, Thermage is a great alternative procedure. Proven safe and efective by clinical studies, Thermage utilizes technology produced by the ThermaCool® System to strengthen existing collagen structures while activating new growth. Patients are able to see results directly following the procedure, which will progressively improve over several months. Another benefit of Thermage is that it does not discriminate its effectiveness based upon skin colors, but lasers and chemical treatments do.


Treatment of Sunspots

Age spots commonly found on the face, neck and arms are often the result of years of exposure to the sun. While many therapies have been utilized in the past such as bleaching agents, chemical peels and liquid nitrogen, today laser technology offers the most effective treatment for removing unwanted blemishes.


Vascular Birthmark Treatment

Problematic and unsightly vascular birthmarks can vary bewilderingly in shape and color, making proper evaluation essential. Dr. Gentile, a qualified professional trained in identifying birthmarks, will discuss your treatment options and determine the procedure that best fulfils your personal needs.


The use of autologous platelet concentrates, represent a promising and innovator tools in medicine including Plastic Surgery.

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