For a lot of people, the main thing standing in the way of an ideal body is time. This can mean not having enough time to go to the gym or to the store to buy healthy ingredients. It can also mean not having enough time to dedicate to recovering from a surgical body-contouring procedure. It may feel as though there will never be enough time to focus on sculpting your dream body.

Thanks to advancements in light-based technology and treatments, you can have a beautifully sculpted and well-toned figure through a simple and gentle 25-minute treatment.

SculpSure is an FDA-approved non-invasive body-contouring treatment that uses highly focused laser energy to reduce body fat and enhance muscle definition. SculpSure helps to enhance the appearance and appeal of your natural body contours.

Contact Gentile Facial Plastic and Aesthetic Laser Center to schedule a consultation for your SculpSure treatment. Facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Richard Gentile has the expertise necessary to deliver safe and effective laser-based treatments.

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