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Does anybody really “Need” a Park Avenue Facelift?

Does anybody really “Need” a Park Avenue Facelift?

I think if we look at this question there are a few questions to ask & answer. If we substitute “Manhattan Facelift” for “Park Avenue Facelift” or even “Beverly Hills Facelift” we know for a fact it is going to be awfully expensive. Knowing that it will be quite expensive it remains to be seen whether it is better than those done at other locations, particularly those regions with lower overhead expenses. I have to say that sometimes I am not only surprised but stunned to hear what patients will pay for high quality facial plastic surgery. There is no question New York, New Jersey Connecticut and Beverly Hills have very talented surgeons, but their pricing for a facelift is on average double or even triple or quadruple what can be obtained by other high-quality surgeons in less overhead demanding parts of the county like Ohio. So, what is the best facelift? Facelift options have not changed much over the past 30 years and most surgeons use one of the published techniques whether SMAS, Deep Plane or Composite. In 2007 we introduced the first fundamentally different facelift approach in 30 years which has improved our results leading to a nearly 100% patient satisfaction rate. The “Energy Driven Facelift” or Ultralift® uses a high frequency ultrasound device to lift the skin (instead of scalpels and scissors). We can now actually separate the upper as well as the deeper planes of the Face and Neck with the energy device. So why use Energy Devices for facelifts? The answer to that is there are differences before and then after the facelift procedure. During the procedure, the surgery is easier to perform due to much less bleeding. The surgery is more thorough due to the ability of the energy device to treat all the tissue in the face and neck. Most importantly beginning at 8 weeks after your facelift and continuing for up to a year the skin and soft tissue continues to tighten improving the overall result at one year post op. Many facelifts start to sag again at 3-4 months after the procedure. The ULTRALIFT® is just starting to tighten additionally at that time contributing to a better overall result than conventional facelifts alone. This is illustrated by our first patient showing a bit of neck sagging at 3-4 months and then ultimately tightening at 9 months. The rapid recovery possible is shown in our second patient who is just 24 hours out from her Ultralift® and the obvious excellent results of her lift are seen this soon but without significant bruising. Our patients have been very pleased with their results frequently exceeding their expectations. At national and international meetings we see the equivalency at least, and in some cases better results from the Energy Driven Facelift compared with the more expensive options. So instead of a “Park Avenue Facelift” get yourself an Ultralift® with money left over for a new Lexus.

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