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Fat grafting creates a natural augmentation for the face using your own “filler”. Fat is usually harvested from the abdomen, flanks, or inner thighs; and about one third of the volume remains after the treatment. Fat grafting can be repeated for additional fullness. Fat can now be processed to be larger in size…Microfat or smaller in size nanofat.

While we frequently use fat grafting in facial and eyelid procedures and see extraordinarily little patient dissatisfaction from the procedure, we are receiving more referrals to reverse certain unwanted characteristics of fat grafting


Unwanted Sequalae of Fat Grafting

While smooth and even contours are the desired outcome of fat grafting the main undesirable result will be unevenness and even lump in the facial contours injected. The contour irregularities can include depressions (concavities) or bulges (convexities)


Techniques of Fat Grafting Reversal

The procedures used to treat, or reverse fat grafting adverse effects are specific to what particular problem the patient has acquired. Addition grafting of depressed areas with fat or filler may help to even out the concavity problems. Those with prominent bulges may requires a device mediated treatment. The types of devices that are useful for reducing bulges or convexities are radiofrequency micro needling,canula radiofrequency, fiberlaser or helium plasma mediated subdermal ablative treatments. In severe cases or in cases where excessive scarring (fibrosis) has occurred surgical excision of the lumps bumps or bulges may be necessary. Consult our office if you are interested in reversing fat grafting procedures that have been unsuccessful.


Case Study Facial Recontouring

Bumps and bulges in the face can occur after fat grafting. This patient did not have fat grafting but illustrates how non-surgical energy devices can improve bumps and bulges from fat. She had a neck lift performed (PRE OP) elsewhere and with little benefit, so we agreed to perform an isolated necklift. When she was healed the tightening of the jawline revealed a herniated buccal fat pad. This could be treated with surgical removal however we performed a series of treatments with Accutite and Morpheus 8 to target and shrink the fat pad.

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