Dr. Richard Gentile a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon with offices in Northern Ohio The technology behind Smartlifting™ facial rejuvenation is also being featured in two publications this year.  The Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America feature Dr. Gentile’s chapter on “Smartlifting™ Fiberlaser Assisted Facial Rejuvenation Techniques” in the May 2011 edition of Aging Facial Skin: Lasers and Related Spectrum Technologies. The FPS Clinics is a highly regarded publication which keeps Facial & Plastic Surgeons updated on new technology and techniques developed. Smartlifting™ and the “Minimal Access Laser Neck Lift” (MALNL) is in the current edition of Facial Plastic Surgery the Journal of the European Facial Plastic Surgery Society.

Smartlifting™, the LaserSmartLift™ the UltraMiniLift™ and the “Minimal Access Laser Neck Lift™” are proprietary procedures we have developed representing Plastic Surgery’s first Fiberlaser assisted facial and neck lifting procedures. Utilizing the Cynosure SmartLipo™ 1064 Nd:YAG laser we are now able to gently separate the layer between the skin and facial muscles without extensive cutting and dissection.  With Smartlifting™ operating time is significantly reduced as the laser helps to seal of blood vessels before the lifting portions of the facelift operation are begun.  The laser also has the added benefit of strengthening collage in the facial skin to reduce advanced facial wrinkles” said Dr. Gentile.

Dr. Gentile explained, “Typically in a traditional facelift incisions are made next to the ear and then the skin is lifted off the facial muscles with scissors or scalpels. “Smartlifting™ powered by the Cynosure SmartLipo™ laser, works by precisely delivering thousands of tiny laser pulses into the layer separating the skin from the deeper tissues of the face. Each pulse heats a deep column of tissue which allows a separation to occur between the two layers.  These zones of heating also shrink collagen, a structural element in the skin which is not possible in traditional facelifts. Furthermore, the skin continues to improve over time. Over the nextseveral months following treatment, a natural process called collagens is results in new, more organized collagen. This collagen plumps the skin and results in even greater smoothing in addition to the results obtained by the facial lifting procedure.”

According to Dr. Gentile, nearly as important as the advanced laser technology is the use of technologically advanced new suture material the Quill®-SRS self-retaining suture during Smartlifting™ The new suture material allows us to actually lift and reposition the facial laxity without tying any knots.  Dr. Gentile also introduced a new technique of lifting the facial laxity with a more vertical vector of lift utilizing the self-retaining sutures. “The more vertical techniques or Mixed Plane Rhytidectomy™ adds volume to the cheeks and the midface restoring more youthful appearances to the aging face.”

Smartlifting™ procedures benefit both the Plastic Surgeon and the patient notes Dr. Gentile. “The operating time for facelift procedures is dramatically reduced with Smartlifting™ and because it is a more gentle technique than traditional facelifts most of the procedures are performed without general anesthesia. These less invasive facelifts are exactly what many aging baby boomers are looking for.

For more information on Smartlifting™ or the other technology enabled procedures the LaserSmartLift™ ,UltraMiniLift™ or Minimal Access Laser Neck Lift™ call the main office 330-758-2001 or visit or

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