A full facelift is the best option for those in need of major facial rejuvenation due to advanced signs of aging on the face. However, a full facelift is often too extreme of an option for patients who are only suffering from minimal to moderate aesthetic facial issues. In many cases, a mini-lift or energy-based rejuvenation procedure is the better option.

These less invasive options offer noticeable results and a shorter recovery period. Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Gentile uses fractional radiofrequency to reduce wrinkles and increase skin tightness. Intense pulsed light may also be used to improve skin color for better-looking results. These treatments can be used to improve the appearance of the cheeks, brow, jowls, and neck.

Taking the time to find the appropriate procedure will ensure that you receive the results you desire. If you are in need of facial rejuvenation and would like to know what your best option is, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gentile.

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