Dr. Richard Gentile a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon with offices in Youngstown, Akron and Cleveland Ohio is pleased to announce the grand opening of Technika Medical Aesthetic & Skin Spa located in Boardman Ohio with satellite offices in Cleveland and Akron Ohio. It was in 1996 that Dr.Gentile opened one of the first MedSpas in Northern Ohio…..Aspasia. In the mid 90’s aesthetic skin care consisted of mostly European facials some chemical peels and in 1994-1996 our first skin resurfacing lasers.

So much has changed over the nearly 20 years since Aspasia was introduced. The most significant changes involve the explosion of aesthetic and laser technology since the early 90’s. Initially many plastic surgery offices chose not to implement new technology but in the 20 years since we now see that many are adopting new technology because patients want minimally invasive procedures and they want technology that does what it is promised to do.

Over the years we have seen the introduction of fillers and neurotoxins that are our most popular procedures. We are excited about the changes occurring now and always choose to be on the forefront of technology and offering it to our patients in Northern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and adjacent states.

Technika Medical Aesthetics is committed to offering the most advanced aesthetic technology available but screens the devices so that we select only those that do what they are supposed to do. Our mission is to provide our region with

For more information on  Dr. Gentile  and his practice in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Laser Surgery including the treatment of Acne Scarring, Smartlipo TriPlex LaserBodySculpting® , Cellulaze, LaserSmartLift, TickleLipo, Venus Legacy, Thermi RF or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Gentile please call the office at 330-758-2001 or visit

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