Dr. Richard Gentile a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon with offices in Youngstown, Akron and Cleveland Ohio in an effort to give both Plastic Surgeons and patients an ability to distinguish different facelift procedures has published a “Gentile Classification of Rhytidectomy” in his recent book “Neck Rejuvenation” published by Thieme Medical Publications in Stuttgart Germany and New York.

Discussing the “Gentile Classification of Rhytidectomy” Dr. Gentile points out the evolution of facial procedures for anti-aging has produced a number of different procedures that creates a scenario where Surgeons or patients may not understand what exactly is being done during a particular procedure. Dr. Gentile says that current classification of procedures may note the particular deep layer facial technique being utilized but often times does not describe the length of the incisions or the amount of skin being mobilized and removed as excess during the procedure. The Gentile Classification of Rhytidectomy notes the incision types, the lenth of skin undermining and other key facial landmarks that are encountered during the procedures.





Dr. Gentile notes a brief description of the Classification includes characterizing the facelift procedures as Mini-Lift, Intermediate-Lifts or Full Face Lifts. The classification also distinguishes those lifts that are short scar or minimal incison lifts from those that include a longer incision. Likewise the amount of facial undermining done during the procedure are noted in the various classifications. Understanding the differences in procedures helps surgeons describe to one another what procedure they are performing and also the extent of surgery performed does relate to longevity of the result.

Dr. Gentile notes that a classification system for Rhytidectomy is long overdue and can permit Plastic Surgeons and patient to better understand the scope of the procedure being performed and usually correlates with short term and long term improvement and longevity.

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