Do your upper eyelids have a sagging and tired appearance? The skin of the upper eyelids is very thin and sensitive, which is why the effects of aging can be so noticeable on them. Problems like skin laxity, excess fat accumulation, and strained eyelid muscles create a compounded issue that ruins the vibrant and youthful appearance of your eyes.

The best way to restore the appearance of your upper eyelids is by undergoing upper-eyelid surgery. This procedure removes the excess skin and fat from the upper eyelids. The upper-eyelid muscles are also trimmed and tightened for long-lasting results. The procedure is able to provide natural-looking results that restore the youthful beauty of your appearance.

Facial plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Gentile specializes in cosmetic eye procedures and focuses on ensuring the safety of our patients as well as delivering results that fully satisfy their aesthetic needs. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your upper-eyelid surgery.

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