You had a good start with your weight loss goals. You’ve even gotten used to waking up early to exercise. Your food choices have also changed from junk food to healthier stuff. However, as the months go by, you noticed your weight has not continued to decrease, as it should. You still noticed some bulges around your tummy, thigh, and even arms.
Well, it could mean that you’ve probably reached a weight-loss plateau. Many people experience this, and most often than not, give up. However, one should not give up on reaching a weight loss goal. A weight-loss plateau is most likely just a minor setback that can be easily remedied.

If diet and exercise have failed you on reaching your target, here are some ideas you can try:

  1. Try liposuction or smart-lipo 
    Although this procedure is not a weight loss treatment in the “diet and exercise” sense, this procedure is extremely effective in reducing stubborn belly bulges and troublesome thigh saddlebags. Apart from the almost instantaneous results, the beauty of this procedure is that the areas treated can no longer accumulate fat, so your belly remains flat, your love handles forever gone and your saddlebags have said goodbye for good.
  2. Change your fitness routine.
    If your current exercise routine is no longer helping you lose weight, you might want to change it up. Try switching to a different, or more rigorous workout. Chances are your body has probably gotten used to your routine and is no longer challenged to burn more fat. So if you are a walker, try cycling or swimming. If you are a runner, try a Tabata type of workout, if you never picked up a weight, try incorporating weights into your routing.
  3. Get a tummy tuck. 
    Unwanted bulges around the abdomen are some of the reasons individuals still look fat. If you have the same concern, a tummy tuck could correct it. Also known as abdominoplasty, this body contouring procedure can remove excess fat as well as skin to give you a more sculpted appearance.


    Like liposuction, this should not be treated as a weight-loss treatment, but to further improve your chance of getting the sculpted body you want minus bulges and excess skin.

When diet and exercise seem to be ineffective in reaching your goals, the culprit could be stubborn fat. Fortunately, these three ideas can help you. To learn more about laser liposuction or SculpSure and how it can help you, Contact Gentile Facial Plastics @ 330.758.2001

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